Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a quick Love Letter

Dear PK, 

Last night was a long night. I heard your coughs echoing in the seemingly empty house. 
They pierced my soul. 

Some people ask me what I do. 
I used to say- "oh, I just stay home."

But you know what?

I get to play cars for hours. 
I get to eat animal crackers and yogurt for breakfast. 
I get to pick out cute outfits and play dress up. 
I get to read Barnyard Dance and make up each animal's voice and 
laugh along when I oink instead of neigh. 
I get to make big splashes in the bathtub. 
I get to smell clean baby.
I get to fold teeny, tiny baby clothes. 
I go on long walks and breathe in fresh air. 
I get to listen to fun new adventures during Story Hour. 
I get teach. 
I get to learn. 
I get to love and be loved. 

I get to be a kid again in the best way. 
I get to be one little boy's whole world. 
I get to be a mother.

So what if it isn't the most glamorous job?
So what if I rarely get thanked?
So what if my life isn't how I planned? 

Cuz you know what? 
It is infinitely better than I could have ever imagined. 

And tonight when I get to rock you back to sleep after a 
coughing fit has woken you up-
I will think,
"I have the best job ever."

Love always and forever, 
your Momma <3

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Fall Mantel

Taking down the Halloween decorations took an entire afternoon... and is still not done. 
But I can't stand having an empty mantel. 
It makes the living room feel naked.
So I decided to dress it---

 Here is what I came up with: 
{The mantel is 6FT across!}

After Halloween and now preparing for Christmas, I really wanted something simple. 
I spent $2 at Hobby Lobby for the cat-tails in the middle mason jar just for some variety.
I went up the Provo canyon (sick momma and baby-greatest mom here!) 
and chopped some brush from a park. 
{I hope it was legal?!}

Then I stuck them in some mason jars wrapped in twine. I think I might go re-wrap it with some baker's twine I have for yet another dimension, but for now I am gonna sit and blow my runny nose. 

I also chopped off a few branches from this really pretty red bush at the park to add some red color. I love fall red. It is SO pretty. 

Then those little balls I got at Ikea awhile back- for $3 I think and I threw them up there because it was too boring for me. To be honest, it is still a bit plain... but then the Christmas decor will look that much more awesome- so I kept it that way. 

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure: 

Well, I guess it's not to bad. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas though. I asked Jed when we could start listening to Christmas music. He said December. I said now. So we compromised with after Thanksgiving. Secretly- I still listen to it in the car. Mwahaha. :) 

p.s. Those red branches really stink. I don't know if they will last that much longer- I can't stand the smell. I bought a $2 candle from Rite Aid- and of course- it doesn't give off any smell. I guess I will have to make my own potpourri!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homemade Baby Wipes {tutorial}

Sorry for my brief absence... I hope that this is not a normal occurance, 
but I will always do my best to be a Mom first. 


Having a baby is not cheap. Even when you buy second-hand, use coupons, and make things homemade... they use a lot of {everything!}

One of my favorite homemade recipes I originally got from my sister. (Thanks Day!)
Here is how I make my own wipes: 
Ingredients: Olive oil, baby wash, paper towel roll, and hot water

To make- take this:

(one thick paper towel)

Then, cut the paper towel in half

(I used a bread knife- but I have used a razor before- it does take some... effort)

Then mix together 2-2.5 Cups Boiling water
2 Tbsp.Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. Baby wash

Well... don't mix. Lightly stir (if anything). Much more than lightly stirring will cause a hu-normous amount of bubbles... which doesn't help anything.

Then put the cut end of the paper towel roll in to a container 
(the best container is one that the paper towels barely fit in.)
Then---pour the soap mixture over the rolls, cover with a lid, then let them sit overnight. 
In the morning, you will have this: 
Some pretty {awesome} baby wipes!

Considering when you cut the paper towel in half- you then have two sets of baby wipes- I usually make 2 batches at the same time. Then I don't have one random 1/2 roll of paper towel sitting around. 

Look forward to a few more tutorials this week! 

Is it really NOVEMBER already? Like the 11th month of the year? What!?!!