Friday, January 27, 2012

Happenings {via Instagram}

Here are some highlights from our world: 

The Provo City Library had their book sale--- and I scored several books for .50-$1

Including a book all about our very own Jedediah's namesake :) 

We got our first "art piece" on the wall. 
{Don't worry- it's all gone now. And YES. 
It happened.... while I was changing his diaper. Wha??}

My two favorite boys... just bein' boys. 

And when I was too full for our typical "Pizza Fridays" because I had eaten way tooooo much ice cream for lunch I whipped up this pretty yummy salad- Zupa inspired. 

There you have it- our life in an instant.
Have a great weekend! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Drink Carrier Turned {Super Cute!} Gift Box

Here in Provo- there are a lot {I MEAN A LOTTT} of baby showers. 
And bridal showers for that matter. 
{In the reverse order of course!} 

So I decided to use this idea (orginally saw on Studio 5, but I couldn't find the link!)

Anyways- I started with a basic drink carrier from Sonic. 

{I don't have a picture of the carrier "before" but it was just a 
basic cardboard drink carrier with 4 drink spots- that I got for free-ninety-free at Sonic.}

Then I went at it. 

I covered the outside and some if the inside with CUTE paper. I used spray adhesive and traced the paper for each of the surfaces (there was TONS of trimming!)
 And then I just couldn't stop. I started adding ribbon, and paper flowers, and flower-shaped brads, and buttons, and glitter (yes, glitter!!)  It was a bit of an overhaul.

Here are a few more close-up pictures of the finished carrier: 

I added some tissue paper to the bottom and then filled it with some baby goodies. (Baby soap, 2 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of tights, bottle scrubber, and some hand-sanitizer. All for $9 at Target)
Then I wrapped it up in some cellophane, added some ribbon, whipped out the card, and then attached it to the top. 

Seriously though- under $10 bucks for a pretty cute shower gift. I'm pleased with it.
What do you think?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Funny Story

Okay- So there have been a lot of stories on here about PK being sick. 
I hope that is about to change. 
But- this blog is where I share my life with you and right now his sickness is basically
consuming my life.

Anyways..... funny story. 

After I took PK to the doctors and had gotten him a prescription- I did what any sane person would do- I went to the PHARMACY. 

While I was there- with my very sick, croup infested toddler- I got those are-you-really-bringing-that-terribly-sick-child-out-in-public? What-could-possibly-be-so-important--- stare downs. By at least 4 people. I'm guessing several others that I didn't bother to look for. 

They probably didn't stare long enough to see where I was going. 

As I'm writing this I am laughing- mostly at myself. Because even though it seems so ridiculous from my point of view- I mean- the pharmacy is a completely necessary place to go when someone is sick. But it's just funny because in that second I couldn't explain myself to the lookers on.

There have been so many times in my life 
when I just wish I could pause the situation and say
"I promise! This isn't what it looks like! Let me explain!"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pressing On

Sometimes life is hard. Okay- most of the time. 
I love life. 
I mean, I truly love life. 
I don't mean to be braggy- but my ability to love life and be optimistic
I look at as a special gift from Heavenly Father.
{That doesn't mean it always comes easy}

Rewind to Friday. PK started to have a cough alongside his near month long runny nose.
{Yeah, I think this kid has gotten my poor genes- Sorry bud!}
The cough turned into a pretty bad hacking. 
Like gross, loud, heart-wrenching, earsplitting coughing. 

At first I tried to chalk it up to just a normal cough. We had just gotten back from vacation and I thought this was just his typical vacation cough. 
Not the case. 
He was up all night coughing. 
Jed and I took turns rocking him back to sleep only to be awoke less than a few hours later by a terrible coughing fit. Finally around 5AM we gave him a steam shower, hoping that it would alleviate his pain.  It must have worked because after a bottle of milk he slept until noon. 

We were planning on having a New Years Eve party but that got cancelled. We spent the day trying to nurse PK back to health. After another bad night of coughing and weezing- I called the 24 hour nurses line. After discussing PK's symptoms the nurse said to monitor him closely and if he didn't get any better to try and make an appointment with our doctor. 

After staying up all night on Sunday with my baby- I knew that I needed to see the doctor. I drove Jed to work so that I could have a car and then made about 1 bajillion phone calls in order to get an appointment. 
After a very quick- but thorough- appointment- the DR told me PK had croup. 
I thought he might because he had a lot of similar symptoms- but I'm glad we were able to get an appointment to confirm- as well as to get a prescription. 

So far we are on the mend. PK is eating and playing like normal- but still trying to get back to a normal nap schedule. This was NOT how I was expecting to start our New Year- but I'm hoping to get PK all healed up and then ready to press on with our goals.

***Speaking of which- my favorite TV show {Studio 5} has geared up their 10 pound challenge. I'm excited for this kick start to my health goals for this year!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I love the fresh start feel of January. Even though all my Christmas decorations are still up and we still have candies and other goodies left over from the holidays, I am looking forward and enjoying 2012. 

{Well to be honest- we've had a few rough nights with a sick boy-
but I'm still earnestly trying to be positive!}

After 2 days of not taking a single nap- he has finally decided to sleep. So I changed the laundry loads, cleaned up the kitchen, started the dishwasher, turned off the TV, and had some me time. 

I love the quiet moments in the day when I can realign my focus to where it should be. 

After thinking, praying, and talking to my hubby I have decided what my/our resolutions for the New Year are. 
{Here are a few of my favorite definitions for resolution: a resolve or determination, a firmness of purpose.}
Until I got married I usually had one or two resolutions- to keep reading my scriptures/praying, and to do my best in the current school year. 
I don't think those are bad resolutions- but I have since strived for further reaching and self-stretching resolves.
My theme for my resolutions is "finding and becoming truly, eternally happy."

My 2012 Resolutions: 
1. Meaningful scripture study using conference talks- and studying by topic (after finishing the BOM where I currently read from.) 
2. Always having a "prayer in my heart" quoting Elder Bednar's talk "Pray Always" Oct. 2008
3. Becoming a "Mother Who Knows" from Sister Beck's Oct. 2007 talk- specifically:
-Mothers who know are teachers
-Mothers who know do less
-Mothers who know stand strong and immoveable
{A seperate blog post will be coming shortly about this talk.}
4. Becoming more physcially fit- through walking/jogging/eating healthier. 
I want my next pregnancy to be easier!!
5. Finish the LONG list of unfinished craft projects
{This is two fold. In an effort to save more money- I have decided to not do craft projects that cost money until my unfinished projects are done. Also I don't want to move with tons of unfinished projects. I want to finish them and take them or sell them.}
6. Write down all of my childhood memories- handwritten. My memory is quickly fading of my childhood and I want to preserve the memories as much as possible. Also- my handwriting has gotten illegible and I want to at least pretend that handwriting is important :)

If that list doesn't seem long enough- we also have several family goals: 
-meaningfully including PK in family home evening and scripture study
-rememorizing the scripture masteries- we already have 5 down!
-going on family jogs
-more concerted effort with service to those around us
And a few PK specific goals
-fold arms/say amen
-more reverent in church
-ABC's, colors, counting
-understand boundaries/self control

After typing it all out it feels like a lot, but I still feel Recommitted to them. These aren't things that we will be perfected in in just one year, but these are the things we want to focus on. I like making a concerted effort towards my focus because it is so easily distracted. 

Yay for 2012! It's here! Let's make the best of it! :)
Happy Monday.