Friday, March 30, 2012

"My Way" Coffee Filter Wreath {Tutorial}

There are so many ways to use coffee filters.
I mean they come with the ruffled edge, a pretty off-white color, and the perfect texture.
What more could you want? 

I've seen so many different versions of coffee filter wreaths but when I sat down to make this wreath I was too lazy to look any of them up so I just went for it. Somedays I don't feel like following directions, ya know?

 It  was a "My Way" coffee filter wreath.

Oh- and did I mention I got the coffee filters- 160 for $1? 
Dollar Tree baby.  

--Cardboard box (for base)
--Hot glue gun/sticks 
--Coffee Filters- $1
--any accessories you want
Total Price: $1

Here's how you can make one for yourself: 

Start with a cardboard base. I traced a freehand circle onto a diaper box and then cut a smaller circle for the inside. 

Then poke two holes and attach some string in order to hang it. 

Then start with a beautiful coffee filter. 

Then fold in half and in half again- until it looks like that. 

Then twist the tip. I placed my left hand towards the center of the filter and then used my right hand to twist the tip. 

Then cut the tip of the filter. 
(This allows the filter to be flatter when glued.)

Then start hot gluing the filters. I tried placing them as close as possible so the cardboard wouldn't show through. I ended up doing 3 complete rows all the way around. 

This is what it looks like at this point. 
I did trim some of the filters if they stuck out. 
Also- on the very center circle it looked weird (there was a lot of cardboard showing) so I added a few additional filters folded and glued to the inside circle. 

As cute as it is- I thought it was a little plain for what I wanted. 

So I added some moss and a bird that I had on hand. I hot glued them together and then hot glued the moss to the wreath. 

I also made a smaller version for my mantel. 

I made it the same way but I just started with a smaller cardboard base and added the ribbon bow to add some more color. 

I love this wreath! While I love bright cheery colors for  Easter, I like using white in Easter decor to remind me of the Savior and His Atonement which allows us all to become clean and pure from any impurities. 

I love this season! :) 

I would love to see your version of the wreath! 
If you have any questions- leave a comment and I will get back ASAP. 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Decor

Here is a look at our spring mantel: 

Colorful, lively, cheery, bright. Just what I've needed :) 

Here is a closer look: 

My wooden plantation blinds- which I love! {thrifted almost 2 years ago}
Spring blocks {Target: $2.50)
Mini coffee filter wreath {homemade: $1}

I have had these plantation blinds for almost 2 years. I saw them- fell in love- and bought them before even thinking "What the heck can I do with them?" 

And since then I still have no idea! 
I saw them sitting in the corner of my craft room and was determined to use them- 
what do you think? 

As for the mini coffee filter wreath- a tutorial is coming soon {tomorrow to be exact!} 
so if you like what you see... stay tuned! 

Here are a few other things from the mantel: 

This beauty is made exactly like it looks. 
A glass jar filled with magenta easter grass and a ribbon tied around that- placed on a cake stand with some spring moss. 
Told ya, just like it looks. 

Next up: wheat grass

There are several tutorials out there on how to do this- and it really is very straight forward. I'm growing some more in another container and hoping that it gets a little more full than this one. 
Full or not, I still love the fresh air it brings to the mantel. 

These babies are actually not on our mantel but they are sitting on top of the piano. 
These are made with some paint swirled around inside of the mason jars to cover it completely and then set out overnight to dry. 
I love the smoothness they have- not to mention the color! 

Here is a look at the full size coffee filter wreath which will have a complete tutorial tomorrow: 

I love this wreath! I can't wait to show you how to make it for yourself :) 

And here is one last look at the very springy mantel: 

Happy Thursday!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break

BYU doesn't have one-
but that doesn't mean that we can't vaca, right? 

Sorry for the lack of posts/comments/being apart of the blogging world for the past week or so-

but between going to Washington last minute
coming home to no internet
and preparing for my brother to come in town for Conference Weekend {YAY!!}

this little bloggy has taken a back seat.

But not for long!

I have posts all lined up and I'm ready to spring back into everything.
(Pun intended).

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Currently Crushing

These are some of the things that I am currently crushing on: 

1. Jed


But really, here are the products I'm crushing: 

St. Tropez self-tanner- $40

I saw over at Blushing Basics her reivews on self-tanners. I don't always use self-tanners, but lately I've been itching to get some color on my very pale skin. She gave a very high review of this product- which is great- because we all know all the horrific things that can go wrong with self-tanning. 
Just ask my 16 yr. old self. 
If only I was willing to spend $40 on golden skin. 

Strappy sandals.
I have no idea where they are from but I googled strappy sandals- but something like this is what I want. No heal- not the sandals with straps up your leg- just a simple sandal.
Basically so I can look cute without much effort- which is my life goal. 

Swimsuit Top

This swimsuit top from Limericki. Probably not gonna happen because I just got a new swimsuit last year- but it's still on here. Because I really like it.
You can never have too many swim suits, right?

Baby Toms
These adoreable Toms for PK. After having Robeez and loving them- I don't know if I'm ready for laces. Not to mention- look at them. (Just not the pricetag!)

Airline Ticket
Here is an airline ticket- which is always on my list.
There's always some fun place I would love to jet off to- or some event I would love to attend.
But right now- I just want to go and visit a very special sister who lives very far away.
Like on the opposite coast.

So, that's it. I'm dying to know- what are you currently crushing? 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Homemade Bath Paints {Tutorial}

           For Christmas (yeah- 3 months ago...w/e) I had a several things
 I wanted to make for PK. 

One of which was bath paints.

It was pretty easy actually. 

I gathered the supplies: 

--tear-free soap (the cheap stuff is fine!)

--liquid food coloring
--small container(s) with lid(s)

Then mix 1/3 cup soap to 1 TBSP cornstarch
 and add enough drops of coloring to get the desired shade.
 (I usually used 3-5 drops)
Then put it in the container and 
let your kid go crazy during bath time! 

**I haven't had ANY issues with staining of skin/tub. 

See, pretty easy, right? 
And from my toddler's perspective- they are just about 
the next best thing to goldfish! 

And those little containers fit perfectly in a pencil organizer- BONUS! 

Here is the cost breakdown: 

Containers (pack of 10) $1
food coloring (pack of 4) $1
baby soap (16oz) $1
cornstarch= already had
total cost for 10 containers: $3

HOW you must be asking?? 

It's definitely one of my FAVORITE stores. I know 
nearly all of the cashiers and they know me. 

Oh, dollar store. How I love thee :)

Idea found here. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Small pieces of Business

Not so much business per se, 
but hey... lookey here: 

Just some business cards is all :) 

{that I created all by my little lonesome :)}

Okay- nobody (except maybe my Mom) cares about this- but I think it's pretty nifty. 
In other pieces of business: 

I'm all for AD SWAPPING if you are. 

Basically we just both swap buttons for free ad space. 

If you are interested, email me at with your 
name, blog URL, and button and we can do a switcheroo. 

Pleasure doing business with you :) 


My Routine: Breakfast

Routines are so individual, with so many different variables- but in an effort 
to share some more about me and something I feel confident in sharing
I thought it would be fun to share with you my routine.

First off- whether you think so or not, you do have a routine. Everybody does.
Some are planned, some aren't- but everybody does have some kind of routine.

Mine is Planned.

At different stages of my life- I have had varying types of routines.
When I was in HS- my routine was pretty regimented. Between church, school, work, family and friends
there was next to no free time. (Which was fine with me)

When I came to college- my free time was almost immediately taken over- by Jedediah.
Then, when I had a baby (yes, jumping a few years!) for the first time
I didn't have tons of things scheduling my time.
So what did I do?
Wasted A LOT of precious time.

After sinking into a black hole of sorts- I realized that this wasn't me.
This wasn't who I wanted to be anyway.

Enter in: THE ROUTINE.

It basically saved my life.
No joke.

From that time to this my routine has changed regularly and now that PK is older it isn't
as regimented. From 4 Months to about 9 Months it was very regimented.

This is what our current breakfast routine looks like:

First: I say my prayers. VERY important.

Then: I use my phone to check my email.
Usually nothing important there- so this takes about 2 seconds.

Then: I get to see this guy: 
Good Morning, Sleepy Head!

Between 8:30-10AM I get PK up. (More on this later)
We usually spend a few seconds looking at ourselves in the mirror.
(No there are no pictures to document this. The AM is NOT a good time for me).

Then we go have breakfast.
I have started to measure my cereal/milk and eat healthier cereals too.

(3/4 cup cereal/milk- about 275 calories)

Then I have also started to use a smaller bowl.

Why? Because 3/4 cup of cereal in a regular sized bowl barely covers the bottom. 
This helps me think I'm eating way more than I really am. 
I'm crazy like that. 
I also have a piece of fruit for breakfast (today it was a plum) 
and lot and lots of water. 

Then, I read my scriptures/write in my scripture journal. 

This all usually last about 15-30 mins. 
Jed has set a great example of the importance of study time in the morning. 
Our entire relationship he has done this- and something I always admired.
It wasn't until this year that I realized there wasn't anything stopping me from doing this for myself-
except for myself. 

What is PK doing this whole time? 

Well, he's sitting right next to me of course :) 
{He has recently decided that he wants to eat fruit the way big ppl do. 
He starts this way- and a few mins later I cut it up for him}

This time in the morning is so crucial for me. 
I need this time to reflect on the day before, rejuvenate my soul, and to receive inspiration for the rest of the day. I love starting each day on the right foot- even if by the end of the day I'm eating a big piece of chocolate cake and swearing that I'm the worst mother- 
for this half hour- I feel like I can conquer the world. 

Or at least the toy trashed house

Happy Monday :) 


Friday, March 16, 2012

it's Friday, Friday

The weekend is here! YAY! 
And with our good weather taking a break for the next several days
I've decided to take the day off and spend it outside. 

In other news, Newlyweds on a Budget
featured this here blog today. 
I know, right?

Head on over there to see her blog (which is pretty awesome!) to see the feature.  

If you are new in these parts- stay awhile, check out some of the most viewed projects, take a tour of some of the tabs up top, and if you like what you see-
there are several ways to stay in touch. 

{I don't normally talk with Southern references}

Linky followers

WOW! That's a whole-lotta Aubrey. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Never Too Late

Today I'm gonna tell you something. 
It's kinda funny. 
Actually- it's hilarious. 

I'm taking piano lessons. 
Now. At 22. 

And where am I starting? 
Right at the beginning. 

Funny, right?


Something I've learned in the past few years is there is no place for "too late."
Yeah- so I didn't take piano lessons growing up. 
Because I was too busy. Because we were too poor.

Because, Because, Because. 

Because- those are all still true. 
The situation is the same. 
But this time, something's different.
I'm different. 

I've learned that money and time are always going to be limited. 
And I'm done being limited. 

I have too many dreams, too many plans, too high of hopes to limit any of them. 
So yeah, I'm a 22 year old taking piano lessons. 
Trying to pick out "Three Blind Mice."
My poor hubby!!!

There are always going to be a bajillion reasons not to do something. 
And it's never gonna be convenient. 
There will always be sacrifices. 
So why not now? 
Today is the day. Seize it. 

I've been dabbling in poetry/memory writing/"writing down the bones" {more on that last one later}
and I've come up with this little thing. 

I'm so proud of it. 
To be honest, I'm proud of myself. 
{What? Can she even say that??}

For the first time, in a long time, I am happy. 
Happy with who I am. 
Happy with who I'm not. 
Happy with where I am in life. 
And yes, I'm proud. 
It's been a long time coming. 
I have so many people to thank, so many blessings have come my way. 
Trials that have shaped me. 

I sure hope that you are happy today too. 
Is there something that you've wanted to do FOREVER
and just haven't gotten around to? 
You'de be surprised with what you are capable of. 


Just start. 
In some seemingly small way- just start. 
Look it up- do you even know what it takes? 

Have a great Thursday. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Decor

I wish I could say that I am WAY into St. Patty's Day. 

Honestly- I should be. It's my sister's birthday. 
So, yes, I like March 17th because it brought my lil' sis into my family- 
but as for green
it's not my color. 
Neither is red.

Poor Christmas. Whoever paired those two colors for such a great holiday 
was not thinking with home decor in mind.  

Any who- 

this is what we've got going on for the {pinch day}.

I love rainbows

They are so mysterious and beautiful so I'm glad that they
 can play a part for this holiday. I took the books of a nearby shelf 
and organized them into a rainbow of sorts.

This is our mantle. 

A bit plain jane, but I like it. 

What do you think?

The Awkward Years

a.k.a. Everyday in my life! 
I'm pretty sure I'm one of the most awkward people I know. 
But that's okay- I'm learning to love it :) 

Today, I'm linking up to the "The Awkward Years" blog hop. 

I'm almost too nervous to join- but knowing that I'll get to see everyone else's awkward years makes it a little easier. 

So, {deep breath} here goes!

 Yeah- the floral with the BF necklace- good choice, Aubs! 

There are way.too.many of pictures like this gem.
No words for this one

But hey, my friends are awkward too: 

(and there are about a bajillion more where these came from)

But there is one picture. It is the epitome of awkward. 

Glasses. Green rubber-banded braces. Acne. Crazy hair. 
The antennae doesn't help anything either. 

Unfortunately not much has changed :) 

Looking forward to seeing everybody else's awkward!