Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I feel like talking today, so just hold tight. I promise cute pictures will be involved :)

There are transitions in PK's life when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. This happens pretty often. Like when he went from exclusively breastfeeding to soilds, crawling to walking, etc. etc Each of these transitions lasted longer than I would have wanted- weeks on end when I felt like I was just happy that we both even survived.

Then there are the times in his life when I feel pretty confident as a parent. We have both figured out the new stage, how to deal with it, and how to make it more fun. {I promise, these times don't last very long!} Knowing that we are about to move, he'll be in a new place entirely, and he'll be put in a toddler bed soon- means I know that this calm period is about to abruptly change.

But for now, I want to savor every last bite of it.

PK has become this amazing little boy, full of curiosity, zest for life, with tons and tons of energy. Aside from when he cries when wakes up in the morning, gets bumps and bruises during the day- this kid is happy. He has this infectious positivity that makes being around him so much fun.

He giggles about the silliest things.
He has the cutest lisp that makes anything he says hilarious.
He loves to dance- and is pretty good too!
He says "hi!" to strangers when we're out.
He begs to play in the water! And is very confident around water.

He just makes me soooo happy to be his momma.

He probably reads about 454058304958 books a day. He is always bringing books from the basket onto my lap, and says, "Boo peas! Boo peas!"

Oh, and did I mention- he is a charmer in front of a camera!

He does these funny poses all the time. When he sees that I have my camera out and want to take a few pictures, he'll get into pose! It's sooo funy!

Oh golly, his LIPS just kill me. Thanks babe for taking us to lunch at the Olive Garden. 
Unlimited soup. salad. breadsticks.
Maybe again, soon, please!! 

He loves babies! Especially his younger cousins that I have a suspicion he knows he'll lead in mischief! 

Oh yeah, and I shot a gun. Still never want one in my home, but I am happy to say that I did it. 

This little boy has my heart. He makes my days so exciting, I never know what to expect.

Well, thanks guys for listening! I've got to go continue planning for an epic baby shower that I'm co-hosting. Pictures soon, promise :)

Happy Tuesday.

Oh yeah, and if you're from the Provo area- are you gonna come Mingle at Soel tonight? I'll be there :) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Funny Stuff

One of the many careers that I have considered throughout my life was being a stand-up comedian. I have always loved the way they stand up there, say something hilarious- the crowd laughs and they just stand there composed like, "hey- I just say funny junk all the time- no need to laugh along." I wish I could be that cool. 

Because when I say something funny- something that I think is funny- I usually laugh the loudest. And I make sure everybody heard what hilarious thing I came up with. 

But seriously, most of the things that I do accidently end up being hilarious. Either I'm just in the wrong place at the wrong time, I handled a situation totally inappropriately, or I was too oblivious to what was happening and thus did something odd. 

This happens all the time. 

Like for example, a few weeks ago we went to a the Utah Valley Convention Center's opening- it was one of the best free events I've been too BTW- and they had a room full of booth after booth of SWAG. 

Side note: I would literally do almost anything for SWAG. I love it so much- I could decorate my house with all of the swag I have ever gotten (that is, if my hubby would let me keep it...)

So anyway, I was just going booth to booth signing up for every free thing possible- regardless of what they were offering. After finishing up a row of booths, I found Jed patiently waiting for me. He was looking at me weirdly (pretty normal) and I new I had done something odd.

Apparently, I had signed up for a giveaway for $500 gift certificate to a funeral home. 

I have literally been laughing about this every time I think about it. The man who was sitting there looked at me funny as I was signing up for it, and I assumed he was just looking jealously at the enormous mound of SWAG I was carrying. 

So- now, I have a question. Being one who doesn't always understand how to handle situations, I need help. 
Why the heck was there a giveaway for that? 
If it's weird to sign-up for that type of giveaway- why even have one? Is it only for old people? 
Should I just have skipped it and stuck with things I wanted to win?

I don't think I was in the wrong- I already said I would do anything for SWAG- but is it weird that they have a giveaway for a funeral home? 

I think it's a bit odd. It's like they were trying to set me up to do something weird. 

It's like the time I signed up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or the Female Hispanic Engineers group (and about 40 other random BYU clubs.) But that's a story for another day, y'all. 

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Here's a quick update on our lives lately :) 

At a local convention center's opening we won a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant in Park City- which we have never been to before {BIG mistake!} PC was AWESOME! I fell in love with all the shops, the beautiful homes, not to mention the mountains everywhere! 

Aside from that, we've mostly been hanging around at home. We've been keeping busy hanging out with friends and family, playing outside in our kiddie pool, going to Seven Peaks water park, and basically anything to keep us from getting ready to move.

PK has really become his own little person lately. He has become SO independent, very talkative, and more exciting to be around. He was in this funk for a few months where he was whiny, clingy, and indecisive. I'm happy to say that has all changed (for now anyways!)

Life has been really good here in Provo. Though we are excited to move and to start a new adventure, we are also getting pretty sad to leave. Neither one of us wants to admit that we are doing some of our "lasts" here. Oh gosh, I could go on and on- and I'm sure I will in another post- but for now, I'm going to go sit in our kiddie pool and play with my favorite little boy.

Happy Friday!