Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We made it!

We're here!

Well, we have been since August 1st. So that means I can't really remember what's happened this month. I just know it has been crazy. Today is Jed's first day at school, and so far he loves it. PK and I are loving getting back into our routine- whatever that is. Still trying to figure it out. Or maybe it is figured out and I just have to be okay that it isn't exactly the same everyday. Who knows?

Anyways, we have been busy getting our house together. We were very blessed to be given so much furniture. Our kitchen table, washer and dryer, armoire (entertainment center), coffee table, 2 end tables, 3 dressers, a book shelf, and a vacuum. Basically our entire house was furnished because we have amazing friends and family. And it surprisingly looks pretty good together- if I do say so myself :)

Our living room

with some decorations for PK's birthday

Our armoire/faux mantel 

These chairs are pretty sweet, no? 

Our kitchen and a peak into our backyard- I guess I forgot to take pictures of that.

Looking back into the living room- those accordion style doors on the left are the washer and dryer
and that door on the right is the 1/2 bath. 

An okay picture of our kitchen- 
it's small but I really like it. 

That's a tour of the downstairs at least. We love our new place! It's been fun to redecorate, but I think just having a new, fresh start has been most fun. We sure miss Utah, but we're loving having something different. Now, if only the weather would cool off- then I could really be comfy here. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Drive

The drive went really, really well. Easy, even.   :)

PK drove with my brother and his family in their van with a DVD player. To my knowledge, he did fine. Jed and I got to ride alone- it reminded us so much of our honeymoon. We chatted, sang really loud to music, and I slept. It was heavenly.  

Our first stop was in Colorado. We stayed overnight at a friend of my brothers. She had a beautiful home and several acres of land and animals that the kids all went crazy for. Even PK who sometimes is a bit prissy about getting dirty etc. loved getting to run around and see all the animals. It was really kind of her to let us crash for the night and she even fed us a huge breakfast in the morning- delish! 

Our second stop was Kansas City, Missouri. We were able to stay with my Granny, and we got to see my dad, my uncle and aunt and lots of cousins, and my sister! It was a lot of my family that I haven't seen in awhile so it was really nice to get to spend a few days with them. 

Here is PK, my dad, and me

The whole gang!

The newly built Kansas City, MO temple

Our third and longest stop was in Byron, Illinois where we were able to visit with many friends and family. I didn't take a ton of pictures while I was here, but we sure had fun! My grandma got me an awesome sewing machine aka my "Rocketship" as it has so lovingly been nicknamed, so while I was there I was able to take a few sewing lessons from a sweet sewing shop owner. She taught me so much! Plus, I totally am in love with my Rocketship. She does exactly what I tell her! I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of her work around here :) 

I was able to reconnect with so many old friends, including the three sisters, got to go on a double date with 2 of my good friends who are getting married...to each other {I'm SOOO happy for them!}, spend time with my beloved family, and eat lots of yummy food. It was perfect :)

Here is our family at the Shedd Aquarium

Two beautiful neices

Some flower balloons for birthday decorations

And PK trying to stay cool

All in all we had a marvelous time! Thanks Jed for watching PK so I could take my sewing lessons and visit with my friends :) 

Happy Tuesday! 

Goodbye "My Provo"

My mom told me that when I was little I fell in love with a neighbor boy. He was friends with my older brothers, and apparently caught my four year old heart- I dubbed him "My Matt." I guess I was pretty possessive :) 

Anyways, I remember when as a college freshman I flew into the Salt Lake City airport. I was still apprehensive about this big move I was making and was worried that I wouldn't fit in etc. My heart was heavy- missing home already, my friends, my family.  Then I saw the mountains. 

If you have ever flown into the Salt Lake airport- especially from the east- you know what I'm talking about. Nearly the entire flight all you can see is totally flat- filled with the patchwork for cornfields. The most beautiful patchwork if you ask me. Anyways- the last 40 or so minutes of the flight- you start to see mountains on the ground. It's pretty barren and not much to look at. Then, at the last minute, you fly over this beautiful range of mountains. 

They were green and lush and beautiful. And then you come over the mountains and you see the entire valley. It literally took my breath away. I remember I was sitting next to somebody and he leaned over and commented that it was a huge valley. In my mind, coming from a little, little town I didn't think it looked that big (odd right?). I was comforted by the valley. I felt like I was surrounded by these beautiful mountains and that they would keep me safe. They became "My Mountains." There I go being possessive again. 

Well, in the time that I lived in Provo, I fell in love with it. The people, the restaurants, the parks and the library, all the memories that I made there. To me, it was "My Provo." I told Jed that when we moved, we owed Provo a proper goodbye. I wanted to go around and take pictures of all our favorite spots- places in Provo that were important to us. Even with the craziness of moving- we took a few hours before we left and gave Provo our best wishes. 

Ah. The Crab Tree building. Where Jed (and subsequently me) spent A LOT of time

The "Y"

The Bell Tower

The Marriott Center. Where it all started :) 

Hinkley Hall- my home for freshman year

{Sorry I blinked!} This and the next picture were where we had our first kiss 

The Provo LDS temple
where a lot of big decisions were discussed

Goodbye My Provo.
Till we meet again. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


{A break in the regularly scheduled programming for a few things that I just have to share.}

This kid is hilarious. Maybe he take after his mother, or maybe he takes after his father. I think being the combination of both of us really is the best for him, but lately he is leaning towards funny guy.

Which I totally don't mind.

We say "holla" he says "hello!"
We say "volleyball" he says "wallybally."
We say "vacuum" he says "boppy." {No idea why?}
We say "peach" he says "something that sounds similar to something else that isn't peach"
We say "baby" he whispers "baby" ever so softly.
I laugh- he all out, head back, hand-on-belly laughs.

He points out when other children are crying but pointing at them, making sure I look, and says "whine!"
Every time we go outside, he opens up the front door and says "Hot!" and then either wipes his face or comes back in and shuts the door.

Now, don't let this kid trick you. I have recently decided that the reason I am pregnant right now- while PK is entering the terrible two's--is because Heavenly Father knew that I would need the hourly bathroom breaks for a little escape/mommy timeout.

That's all for now, folks.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 10, 2012


There really aren't any pictures of this stage of the move, but I didn't want some parts of it to be forgotten.
I am a planner. I like to have things planned out, to very smallest of details. I'm that person who wakes up in the middle of the night because I just realized that teal cups would be a perfect addition for my next party.

While it is more fun to plan parties, I put equal emphasis on every.single. aspect of packing. How to pack, when to pack, what the order should be for packing. Then how to clean, what to clean, what the order should be for cleaning etc. etc. etc. I'm sure some of you can relate very, very well- unless if you are more like my husband which means you probably think I'm crazy.

So you can tell that I had everything planned out. What I am not very good at {and something I desperately need to learn!!} is how to make changes to the plan.  Fast forward to the week we're moving.

Things were going well. We were right on schedule, a little ahead at times, when I suggested to Jed that we measure out the dimensions of the trailer. What we saw in our living room was a very, very, small box. A box that would never, ever fit everything we wanted to bring.

So, with less than a week before we were to load up the truck, and with nearly 80% of the packing finished, we started off at square one. We repacked. And repacked some more. Then I went to Walmart and got those suction pack bags for everything made of cloth that we owned. We went and found more boxes to use instead of the much nicer totes that I prefer to use- because boxes can fit more closely together.

Then, we got rid of stuff. So. much. stuff. Most of which I am happy to have gotten rid of- because now our home feels refreshed. But there were several things that we parted with that I am sad to no longer have. They were just things. And I know that I am ultimately much happier to be here with less things to have to find places for. I'm am going to keep reminding myself of that... especially when it comes to a few particular serving dishes.

At the same time as all of this we cleaned. And when I say "we" I mean myself and about 8 different women from my ward. Jed was still working so the packing/cleaning was mostly left to me. I then corralled every willing and able bodied person I could to get it all done.

Tears still come to my eyes as I think back to that time. Nothing as ever made me so grateful to be a member of the Relief Society. This worldwide sisterhood really did bring relief at a time that I so desperately needed it.

Basically my plan got totally thrown out. Boxes were packed as tightly and as full as possible- with little regard to sorting. We purged. And purged and purged. After having purged in the Spring and after 2 garage sales. It was an epic purge. We cleaned every little thing that I could think of to clean {we were going to get our full deposit back!} with little or no regard to a schedule. Basically it was the furthest thing as possible from what I had planned.

I wanted to make sure and post about this. I have a feeling that I will need to refer to this post at several times throughout my life {in the next few months even.} For as much of a planner as I am, I often need to be reminded that I know very little compared to my Heavenly Father. He often reminds me that I need to rely more on His knowledge than on my own. That I need to make plans and do my best, but that He ultimately knows the best and to allow His help when he sees fit. While I know that this is a lesson I will continually have to learn, I am truly grateful for my Father in Heaven. For his support and love and guidance, even when I lack faith.

This move has taught me so much. About how to properly move, about how to stay calm during difficult situations, even more about myself. The next installment of the 1,415 Mile Move of 2012, coming up next :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

From the beginning...

When the move out date was getting closer, we began the {horribly long and drawn out!!} process of saying goodbyes. To by honest, they all went pretty well. Here are just a few pictures from our goodbyes:
{Bryce, Jed, and Parker... not pictured is beautiful Lauren}

{Jed and Paul}

{Our family getting to visit Grandpa Chuck}

{Visiting with Charles, Erica, and baby Reed}

{Erica and I}

{Brennan, Me, Rachel, & Sarah... and 7.5 babies!}

{The game night group!}  

We said goodbye to so many other friends, that I just didn't have a brain enough to take pictures of :( I only cried during one goodbye... you know who you are! 

Our time in Provo will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our children will know that that is the place that Mommy and Daddy met, fell in love, had their first baby, and lived happily for 3 years. There are many friends we made in Provo that I hope to stay in touch with for many, many years to come.  I'm thinking a few cruises when we're old, right? ;) 

Adios Provo. 
Hopefully not for too long. 

Oh, and here are some cute pics of PK for your viewing pleasure :) 

{He barely fits!!}

Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More on that, later

This particular post isn't about much. Just a few updates so that our friends and family know what's been going on in our lives. And a list of posts that I promise to do in the next few days- putting them up here now means I will have to eventually do them, right? That's the plan.

We made it to Savoy! {Savoy, Champaign, and Urbana Illinois are all so close- it's like Provo/Orem but even a little closer than that.} We made a short vacation out of the trip out here, stopping in Denver, Colorado for a night and then a few nights in Kansas City, Missouri. Then we made our way to Byron, Illinois and stayed for over a week. {Posts to come about each place}

Then, with the help of my family, we moved down to Savoy- from Byron (my hometown) it's about a 3 hour drive. We put up the beds (more about Parker's bed situation in a post) and unpacked the kitchen. Then for the next few days Jed and I unpacked, and made about a million trips to Walmart (before realizing there was a Walmart about 2 minutes from our house).

So today Jed is starting a part-time painting position, where he'll be painting apartments up near campus for about 10 days. With the cost of moving, and a few hiccups along the way that weren't planned, when we made it to Illinois he looked on Craigslist for some part-time work and the next day got this painting job. So, after about 2 months of craziness, today will be my first day of just me and Parker. To be honest, I'm pretty happy about it.

Okay, that sounds weird. I have LOVED having Jed around- and I have LOVED getting to spend time with friends and family. I mean Jed changes most of the diapers, he makes it so easy for me in every way- I guess I am just happy about the idea of getting our "normal" back.

I've really missed the "normal" stresses in life, I just want my "normal" problems back. Oh, and I'm dying to get my craft space in order. That would be awesome.

But for now, PK and I are going to walk over and get our mail.

Promises, promises: there will be more in-depth posts coming, chalked full of details and pictures. But for now, our mail waits.