Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Entirely Random

This is officially going to be the most random post on this blog. But afterwards, I'm going to sigh a breath of relief for being caught up, and then start to post regularly again. At least that's the plan.

  1. Labor Day Weekend: Up until the Thursday before, we were planning on a weekend visit from my mom. She would be starting school soon {way to go, MOM!} and knew that she was going to be too busy for any visits in the the near future. However, my good friend, Emily, was going to the temple for the first time that weekend. So, we all headed up to visit my mom instead, and then I was able to go on Saturday to the temple with Emily. It had been nearly 2 months since Jed and I had been to the temple last, so it was really nice to get to go again. The temple has always been a place of peace and comfort for me- and with the temple further away than we're used to- Jed and I are still trying to decide how often our family can attend. Anyways, we stayed through until Monday evening, and then drove the 2.5 hours back home. Here are some pictures from our visit. 
Down by the river

At the pumpkin patch- that definitely wasn't open. :) 

PK blowing raspberries on Oma

2. TWO of my very best friends got married! The same weekend! At the same place! and the best part... it was to EACH OTHER! I have known both of them for awhile, and seriously couldn't have been more ecstatic about them getting married. I was able able to help them with the reception decorations- I can't wait to see the protogs pictures of them! It was challenging and fun, and I was surprised at skills I didn't know I even had. I could honestly see myself doing this professionally at some point--- well, maybe just helping other friends out :) They are a beautiful couple and I am really happy I got to be there with them on their special day.

{sorry, I didn't take any good pictures that day!}

{My two very handsome boys!}

3. Jed started school and is totally loving it- did anybody see that coming? ;) This week he also {FINALLY!!} started his research position with the Army, so this week he's knee deep in safety training. He's excited to actually get started on projects after being unemployed for nearly 3 months. He was also called to teach the 14 &15 yr olds at our church and he does a great job. I sit in the class with him and am always so impressed with his patience and understanding. {There is definitely a reason I wanted to teach 5th graders!}

4. PK is awesome. I don't think I could say this enough! Over the last month he has grown leaps and bounds. He knows most of the colors, recognizes 5 or 6 letters- and will make their respective sounds, has begun to dress/undress himself (with help), and talks all the time! I love this stage! It takes patience when he's having a rough day- they call them the "Terrible Two's" for a reason! But honestly, aside from 6 months old which I'm pretty sure will be my all time favorite- this stage is pretty close. I love how much he is learning- he's a total sponge! I love how much more his personality is evident- he's hilarious. Even with the tantrums, hair-curling screams, and deviance, most days are pretty awesome. I'm SOOOOO happy that we started doing 1-2-3 Magic with him at around 18 months- this type of discipline works perfectly for our family. It keeps me in control, teaches PK what is acceptable and what isn't, and works great for nearly every situation we've encountered. {basically, it's simple, but works!} It fit all my qualifications: no spanking or yelling by the parents, allows time for both child and adult to calm down, and keeps the Spirit in the home. Perfect. 

5. Now on to me. How am I? Hmmm. This pregnancy has been different. The first one was full of vomit, nausea, uncontrollable nerves, and tons of questions. This one is full of an achy back, horrible leg circulation, varicose veins (TMI?), and tons of excitement. We are really excited for this little baby to get here. We FINALLY! got insurance and doctors all figured out, and are anxiously waiting to figure out if it's pink, and pearls, and tutus in our future, or if it's more baseball, cars, and dirt. Both are fun and exciting and the babies are itty bitty when they first come, but I think everybody knows which I'd prefer. Oh well, we shall see. :)

6. Random Thoughts: Read/Listen to this talk if you haven't. This address marks the 4 year anniversary of when an overconfident 18 yr old asked to sit by the "Hot Guy" and oh, how happy I am that she did :) Anyways, it is an amazing talk, one that I'm sure I will be referring to for years to come. Remember, never check your religion at the front door. Not ever. Oh! So good... go listen! 

7. Halloween is just around the corner. AHHHH! I CANNOT even begin to tell you how excited I am. Fall. Sweaters. Potato Soup. Boots. Scarves. The pumpkin patch!. Apple cider donuts. Costumes. Candy. Brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. If nothing else, the Midwest sure knows how to throw an AMAZING fall. Possibly the very best. 

Happy Wednesday!