Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lot's to Celebrate

We have lots to celebrate here in the Alvey household. On January 25th, 2013 at 6:50 PM Mason Lucas Alvey joined our family. Being overdue, he was 9 lbs. and 20.5 inches long, with a full head of hair! Our days have been spent soaking up all his snuggles, and slowly adjusting to his arrival. I have had several people ask about his birth, and I promise a detailed post will be coming shortly. {This is also a heads up to those of you who may not be interested in such a post.} 

Also, this is my 100th post on this blog- YAY! :) I can't express how grateful I am for this little creative outlet of mine, and for your continued encouragement & support.

Anyways, baby M, we love you! Thanks for finally coming :) 

updated Alvey family photo 

{Headed home :)} 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

We think we're ready...

Preparing for this baby has been pretty easy going. Having a second boy has made everything so much easier- same car seat, same clothes (mostly), same blankets, same everything (Heavenly Father always knows best!) Though I have bought some used outfits for him (the seasons are totally opposite) as well as some new binkies.  Then there are the things I assume I'll do before each baby: re-read Hypnobirthing and Babywise, make new nursing pads, stock up on diapers/wipes, make a few freezer meals, get a baby blessing outfit, and make a baby blanket from me to baby-- it was nothing like the complete overhaul we did before we had our first. We feel prepared- but we're still anticipating what the "exciting" differences that are bound to come with a new little person.

Anyways, even with as easy as the preparations have been, we still have been working since December 26th on getting our house ready. I went through each room and finally tackled projects that have been put off since we've moved in- of course finding new projects along the way. We decided to move the desk down into the living room, rearrange the kitchen, as well as totally redo the boys' room. It's been fun and has really made these last few weeks go by so much more quickly.

Here are some pictures from our hard work:

A tip we got from a friend- have older and younger brother exchange gifts when they meet. Here is an ABC book PK and I have been working on for baby brother. He is SOOO excited to give it to him :) 

The car seat is washed/sanitized and installed in our car... man it's tight back there!

Here is the boys' room {I love how that sounds!} We put up some shelving, got the changing station all ready, got the crib ready, and made a pennant banner to add some color (cheaper/easier than paint).

That 8 shelf shelving unit was my #1 must purchase on Black Friday- and I'm SOOO happy we did. We have loved having it- I think I want like 5 more just like it. Since we're in a 2 bedroom, we have really been talking up the whole "room sharing" idea so that PK is seemingly excited to have baby sleep in his room... or at least that's the plan. 

Homemade nursing pads- made from cloth diaper pre-folds. I highly recommend these! So easy to make, cheaper than the disposable ones, plus so.much. softer! 

Speaking of diaper pre-folds, we have decided to do cloth diapering this time around. We're excited (?) for the challenge, and are looking forward to getting PK fully potty trained so that we can remove "diapers" from our monthly budget. We were given Econobum brand liners/pre-folds and are really happy with them (thanks LINDS!!) After talking with a few friends and my cousin who have cloth diapered, we feel pretty confident that after the initial {EWWWWW....!!} and {you're kidding me, right?} as well as {I give up!} we will be happy with the choice and even happier with the savings. Plus the tree-hugger in me is pretty ecstatic about the decision, so let's pray that her voice is louder than the my inner "germ-o-phobe."

So now, all we need is baby. Hurry up, kid! 

Happy Sunday!


We've had a very eventful December. We were super lucky to have company come visit us: My sister Alyssa and her hubby Zach, and then also my dad came to visit for a few days. PK loved all of the attention he got, and I loved getting to share him with other-more enthusiastic- hands :) All in all, it was a marvelous visit- we're already looking forward to the next one! 

Grandpa spoiled us by taking us to lunch- at Steak 'n Shake! It was soooo yummy, plus they have the best spread for kiddos of any restaurant we've been too yet. A packet full of activities, a hat, a bib, crackers, and a box that turns into a race car. What more could an impatient 2 year old need?? 

I also wrangled my dad into helping us dip some pretzels. I didn't realize just how many pretzels we had to dip- but it went pretty quickly with all the helping hands. That, and listening to Amy Grant didn't hurt either. It was a festive afternoon, ending in a sugar coma of course! 

{PK had his own corner, supplies, and pretzels because he couldn't help
 but double, triple, quadruple dip the pretzels....}

{Half of the finished product!}

Then for Christmas we went up to Byron to visit even more family. We had the typical Christmas Eve dinner and festivities, but it just wasn't the same without Grandma Ashley or most of my siblings {here's to hoping we can all get together again soon!!}

The Alvey tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas was carried on this year, as well as opening a special Christmas book from Grandma & Grandpa Alvey. 

 I was able to last minute whip out some matching pajamas for the 3 boys- they were quick and easy and I'm just dying to get a picture of all three in their plaid PJ's. I'm not sure homemade PJs are in the works for each year, but it was a fun for me & I already have a long list of future PJ ideas. 

I was also able to help my mom with a bulletin board display for church- it was a fun project to work on together. It's nice getting to pull the preggers card every once and awhile (sitting in a chair with my feet up & directing everybody else.) I'm sure the final product turned out great too! 

The week after Christmas we had the privelege of seeing our great friends from Provo: the Painters! We hadn't gotten to meet their baby Alice yet, so that was a special treat. We made so many friends in our time at BYU- looking forward to keeping those friendships forever! 
{Everyone is welcome to Illinois... ANYTIME!}

In an attempt at giving PK some extra attention, one night when Jed was out of the house for a few hours, we had a special Mommy/PK date. It was fun to be silly and goofy with him- without the fuss of the coming baby. I could tell he had missed these special times with me, and it was a night I will look back on fondly- for a long time to come. 

After the first decent snow, the two of us got all bundled up and went for a stroll throughout our apartment complex. We took turns between PK getting pulled by Mommy and PK pulling the empty sled. I was surprised at how long he lasted outside- it was pretty cold! Though he liked to pull the sled around, of course he preferred getting pulled by me- which I think he would have done all night! 

And we can't forget: with everything else that's been going on, baby boy has still been growing! Here we are at 37 weeks (I'm nearly 39 now!) and can't believe that our kiddos will be doubling in a matter of days/weeks. We're so excited to meet him & are hoping that day is sooner rather than later :) 

Happy Sunday!