Monday, October 28, 2013

9 Months!

My baby is 9 months old. It's gone so quick!

His 9 Months stats: 
Weight: 18.5 lbs
Length: 28.5 inches

Our M has a very determined personality. He will let you know that he wants (or doesn't want!) something right away. He is not one to hold back! Now that we've gotten in a pretty good rhythm he is usually pretty happy.

{watching his shadow}

A few of his favorite things include: 
-bath time! Oh man, he can squeal!
-playing with PK
-bananas, cheerios, and mama's milk (he is NOT into solids)
-his blue, snuggly blankie
-being upside down
-mama :)

Baby M is sweet, giggly, tender, and exact. He has the cutest giggle and it is especially awesome because he laughs the most at PK. He LOVES his older brother. It's fun getting to hear PK talk with M and ask him questions (always making up what he would say). They have actually begun playing together and it is the best!

This is one lucky momma! Now, only 3 more months until he's 1 year old. Craziness.


3 Years OLD!

Okay, so his birthday was in August. But, in my defense, his 3 year check-up wasn't until last week, so this post really isn't that late.

Anywho... where to start with this kid...

{One of my all.time.favorite pictures of him!}

He's amazing. Every single day he amazes me with a new skill, or phrase that he says, or he'll bring up something that happened over a year ago that he is remembering. PK has a BIG personality. He is a bit overzealous at times, but he is truly very sweet and just wants people to be laughing and happy (sound familiar?)

A few facts about PK: 
-knows the alphabet- including sounds
-can count to 15 (maybe higher?)
-slides down the fireman's pole fearlessly
-is VERY anxious to do the monkey bars
-loves superheroes
-also loves trains, cars, dirt, leaves, sticks, rocks, bugs, and animals
-has been on a Calilou trip (tv show)
-sings while going potty- #2 specifically :)
-oh yeah: IS POTTY TRAINED!! whew
-mimics nearly everything
-loves his baby brother
-loves to help in the kitchen
-can make his bed (with help)
other chores include: putting the pillows on the couch, setting & clearing the table, picking up toys, and helping to fold the cloth diapers

Here are his stats: 
Weight: 34 lbs.
Height: 38 inches
Overall: 73rd percentile
{Tall and skinny!}

We love our PK so much. He makes our home so happy. I love having him at home with me, and he loves to be here (I think!) Happy Birthday, PK!!

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