Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hairy Stuff

Here in the Alvey house, there has been a lot of hair business going on.

First and foremost, baby M got his first hair cut. And boy did he need it!

Do you see the resemblance?? 

Haha. Okay, so he needed it cut. Bad. But, as most momma's do, it was hard for me to cut my little baby boy's hair! His hair was the obvious outward symbol that he was growing up- NOO! Can't they just stay little forever? But alas, time moves on, and hair gets out of control, so it must be cut. 

Not the best "After" picture, but considering all my pictures are taken with my phone, that's as good as it's going to get. 

Moving on, to me. If you have known me for awhile, you might have caught on to the fact that my hair is crazy. I mean totally mental. Some days it thinks it's curly, other days it is just a complete white-girl afro. It is so hard to manage! 

{I wasn't kidding}

Not to mention it doesn't grow! I mean, growing up I had sporadic hair cuts- mostly trims- and it still never got much longer than my shoulders. I did grow it out in high school, and for my Senior pictures it was as long as it had ever been- not quite to my bra line if I remember correctly.  Anyways, 

it is FINALLY long! 

And of course, I have no idea!! how to tame it. Most days it's in a side braid, low pony, or high bun. Anyways, I just needed to document the fact that my hair does in fact grow. Whodathunk?! 

But the most exciting hair situation in our family- is with Jed. He's doing "no shave November." I haven't decided how I feel about it- but he's already complained about it a few times, so I don't know how long he'll last. But here is his "before:"

With a few days head start of course :)

What a studdd.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

{Super} Halloween 2013

When we were trying to decide what we wanted to be for Halloween, I let PK take the lead. At first he wanted to be "Capin Merica" or "the star guy" after checking out a superhero themed Look & Find book from the library.

Then, we were at a second-hand store a few days later and found a superman costume- cape and all- he (and I) was sold. Whew! I wasn't really looking forward to sewing his costume from scratch so we were all happy. Then, not too long later at another second-hand store we found a Captain America costume in M's size, so we snatched that for him.

I knew all along I wanted to be Wonder Woman. Maybe it was the fact that I actually have long hair right now, or maybe it was the title "Wonder Woman" but either way, I had my costume in the works since originally going with the superhero theme. {Yes, we are a costume themed family. For as long as the boys will go for that anyway!}

Jed's costume was a little last minute, but it had all the characteristics he likes in a costume. A bit nerdy, comical, and not flashy. It was fun to put all the costumes together, but seeing Jed with grayish hair was pretty freaky!

We also did the traditional pumpkin carving too. Jed had to tutor the night that we planned to carve, so he scooped out all the innards with PK before leaving (and I nursed) and then after I put M to bed, PK and I got to work designing the pumpkin. He LOVED it. He just wanted to keep scooping and squishing it all in his fingers etc. It was so yuck! That's the Alvey in him I guess ;)

It only took a suggestion of doing something Super Man related for him to know exactly what he wanted to carve. Here was how that convo went:

Me: So, what should we carve into the pumpkin?
PK: An "S" for Super Men! (He says it men instead of man)
Me: (Always looking for educational opportunities) An "S?" For Super Man, why? 
PK: Cuz Super Men starts with "S." Ssssss (As he makes the "s" sound). And Batmen starts with a "B." What does a hippo start with? 
Me: I don't know, buddy. What does it sound like? 
PK: Hhh. "H!" 
Me: Yeah! Good job, kid! It does start with H.

And then to my complete surprise he sounded out almost entirely on his own (he didn't know there were 2 p's) the rest of the word h-i-p-p-o. Yay for PK!!

So when we were all done carving, we placed our pumpkin outside. I was worried about putting a candle in the pumpkin- I stray away from open flames any time I can (you're looking at the most accident prone person ever) so we used (7!) glow sticks inside the pumpkin & that suited PK just fine. (They're called glow sticks but it took 7 to get a dull glow... yay for Dollar Tree.)

For Halloween night, PK got invited to a friend's birthday party which was perfect! It rained all day and most of the night, so the indoor party was the perfect solution to the bad weather. He had fun playing with lots of little friends, and Jed and I enjoyed our friends too. Not to mention the YUMMY food! I saved my "splurge" meal for the party- which was definitely the right choice. That Holly Mejia sure knows how to cook! {Seriously, she brought food over after I had baby M and I barely let Jed have any... it was SOO good!}

And even though it was raining, we still took the kids trick-or-treating. It was hilarious! As soon as the kids got outside (after getting all bundled up) they ran down the sidewalk all shrieking, "Candy! Candy!" It was awesome. They basically screamed and chanted either "candy" "trick-or-treat" or "happy halloween" the whole time as we walked throughout Winfield.  Oh, the joys of children on holidays focused on candy. Pure bliss!

Oh, and of course Halloween is extra special to our family- it's Grandma Alvey's birthday! Even with all the craziness of Halloween, we were still able to Skype with Grandma for her special day. We love you, Grandma Alvey! Happy 39th Birthday!

Hope you all had a great Halloween too! Now the big question... what to do with all that candy??