Friday, January 31, 2014

PK loves his cousins

My little boy LOVES his cousins. Growing up, I lived close to one of my cousins, and I loved that. Cousins are similar to nieces and nephews, or grandkids for that matter. You get to play with them, have treats with them, do special things, and then go home and have all these perfectly, spectacular memories of them that aren't marred by day to day issues.

For any number of reasons, PK loves one cousin in particular.

I've recently been going through our photos (trying to get ahold of my digital life) and this hilariously awesome story unfolded right in front of me. Deep within my iPhoto library was a family story that I want to share with you because... well, it's hilarious.

So here's, Ryan. (Third from the left- wearing white). And he is a pretty cool kid.

PK can't get enough of him. Even though these pictures were taken in August, he still constantly asks if "Ryan and my other cool cousins" can come over to our house.

Then, during a "funny face" photo op, Ryan decides to make this face (see below).

Then luckily PK, not wanting to miss anything, looks over to see what is going on.

And then the copying began. 

{In the below picture, I was just trying to photograph the funny angle that baby M is sleeping, but I'm glad I got PK too...}

Did you catch it??? 

Here is a side-by-side in case you didn't.  (Look at Ry (left) and then PK (right) taken seconds later...)

Okay {you must be asking yourself} Aubrey, what is SO awesome about this?

Well, let me just show you: 

Here "it" is:

And HERE it is again: 

And of course, here: 


AND here: 

Don't forget this one: 

And my personal fav: 

There you have it! Over the course of 6 months, PK has been doing that same silly face over, and over, and OVER- all because his cool older cousin made the face! 

I'm still laughing at how sweet and funny this whole thing is. 

Literally EVERY time I took several pictures of PK in a row, he would do a few normal smiles, and then he would bust out the "Ryan" face! So funny! 

So, thanks Ryan. Your silly face has been a big part of our lives over the past few months. 

So- really, thanks! 

I had no idea where that face came from all this time, until looking back through all of my pictures. And then I saw the moment that PK saw Ry make the face- and the rest is HISTORY. 

Cousins are great! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Crafts

Over the past year or so, I've done several crafts- most of which have been presents. Because of that, I haven't posted about them on here because I didn't want to give the surprise away before I actually gave the gift. Well, here we are and I'm finally going to post pictures of random projects I've worked on over the last year or so. {And to clarify, most if not all these projects Jed has helped on. We work really well together- he handles the step by step process, I do the design, and often we do the execution together. What a great hubby I've got!}

{Baby swaddler}

{My first time doing top stitching}

{Covered corkboard}

{Decorating our home}

{Kitchen mat}

{Sign above the boys' room}

{Fall wreath made with sticks collected by PK}

{Soft baby book}

{Thanksgiving potholder}

{Thanksgiving Decor}

{Crocheted baby hat}

{Countdown calendar for any event}

{Salt dough ornaments/advent calendar with different names of Christ}

Monday, January 27, 2014

Other December festivities

Being the crafter that I am, I like to make crafts that are functional, cute, cheap, and easy. Because of Pinterest, this is usually fairly easy. When I saw a picture of an Advent Calendar made from toilet paper rolls, it fit the bill perfectly! Luckily, I was able to enlist help from my sister and mom during Thanksgiving, so it was all done and ready for December 1st. I filled each toilet paper tube with a scripture, an activity, and a few Hershey kisses.

{Our Christmas tree before 4-5 ornaments got broken-hung WAY too low. 
Rookie mistake.}

{PK up with the Primary kids during the Christmas party. He wasn't in Primary yet, so he didn't know the song or really what was going on, but he stayed up there! He is the short one holding a picture on the left side.}

I've been holding on to these two matching sweaters for a few months now. It's pretty rare to find matching things, in the correct sizes, at the same thrift store! Total score, right? I love my boys like crazy. They're the best! 

Happy 27th Jedediah

Seeing as we had an important birthday, I couldn't let December slip away (okay, it already has, but I'm pretending) without stopping to honor a special birthday!

On December 4th Jedediah turned 27! Sweet! I made him a cake {from scratch!!!} which was actually pretty yummy. We had a few friends over to share in singing and eating the cake which was fun. PK is really excited about birthdays right now, so he LOVED getting to help make the cake and birthday card. He really knows how to make the birthday person feel extra special. We sure love birthdays in our house! 

We LOVE you, Jedediah! Thanks for sharing your cake with us :) 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a pretty great Christmas. Besides being too busy (I hope I remember NOT to do that next year) our Christmas was wonderful. Full of great memories, lots of family, and even more love. Let's let the pictures do most of the talking {because Jed was able to recover them somehow!}

{The Rudolph nose from one of the Sister Missionaries}

{Playing with Oma}

{All ready for the boys!}

{PK showing Oma the present we gave her- an accordion style memory book.}

{Our matching shirts and the boys' pajamas. I don't think I have a close-up of a shirt but it's a snowman being built and it says "That's how we roll." I saw it in a catalog and thought- "Hey! I can make that!"}

{My gift from my sister, Alyssa, from our sibling gift exchange. It is 4 pre-made date nights! YAY!}

{Oma giving baby M a bath in Grandma Ashley's new sink!}

{The crowd that went sledding.}

{PK and my Grandmother. I LOVE her so!}

{Baking cookies with Momma!}

{Jed using Grandma's NEW stove! So of course we took his picture- which he LOVED!} 

{He makes the best rolls!}

{Traditional Christmas Eve Jammies}

It is nice getting to live close enough to family that visiting for holidays isn't too much of a chore. I LOVE that my boys are getting to know a lot of my family, and getting to see where I grew up. Christmas is always a special time of year, and spending it with family makes it that much more special.

{Jed using his Christmas present- a pizza stone!}


Hope you all had a marvelous Christmas!
 {Is it almost February already?!?}