Sunday, February 22, 2015

January 2015

Our January was relatively uneventful- which definitely was much appreciated! Jed was home for the first few weeks of January because he had issues with funding, but we are VERY happy to report that he got that all cleared up (until May anyways) so he is back to the daily grind.

While he was home, we did... a whole lot of nothing. It was exactly what the doctor ordered (quite literally) though Jed was going stir crazy just staying inside binge watching Gilmore Girls. It was heaven on earth for me. Marriage is all about the give & take, right?

As soon as the semester started, we got back into our normal routine. I've needed some extra sleep periodically, but no longer feel like death 24/7. Hallelujah!

The boys are just so fun. I LOVE this stage with both of them. I remember that 2 yrs old was one of my favorite stages with PK, so it is fun to experience it again with M. They are much more independent, have developed their personality a lot more, but they still love to climb into Momma's lap to read books & snuggle.

PK has blossomed in the last few months. He wants to read everything he sees & is always asking me what things say. He also loves to wear his watch and announce the time (usually incorrect) throughout the day. He still struggles knowing what each of the clock hands represent, but we are actually working on that this week so we'll see if that helps. I've also been introducing him to more and more responsibilities around the house, knowing that in a few short months we'll need all hands on deck. I wouldn't call him a "happy helper," but I have learned a few things that make helping out around the house more enjoyable for him.

One of our current favorite things to do is to play the "Happy" song by Pharrell as we do quick pick-ups or put away clean clothes. M also likes to just watch the "appy" music video and will point out a few things he recognizes. All in all, January was a great month & we are now just looking forward to spring! Please come soon!

(Fresh haircuts for the boys)

(Homemade pretzels by Jedediah) 

(Finding out baby #3 is a BOY!) 

(Playing in the mud on a "warm" day with two boys we babysit once a week.)

(Happy Birthday, M!) 

(Jedediah playing our new-to-us piano.) 

(Story time shaving cream snow!)

(Surprise- even M had fun! He is our mess free kid. Never thought we'd have one of those!) 

(Ah Jed... Or Luke Danes, anyone????)