2012 Goals

After thinking, praying, and talking to my hubby I have decided what my/our resolutions for the New Year are. 

{Here are a few of my favorite definitions for resolution: a resolve or determination, a firmness of purpose.}

My theme for my resolutions is "finding and becoming truly, eternally happy." 

My 2012 Resolutions: 
1. Meaningful scripture study using conference talks- and studying by topic (after finishing the BOM where I currently read from.) 

2. Always having a "prayer in my heart" quoting Elder Bednar's talk "Pray Always" Oct. 2008

3. Becoming a "Mother Who Knows" from Sister Beck's Oct. 2007 talk- specifically:
-Mothers who know are teachers
-Mothers who know do less
-Mothers who know stand strong and immoveable

4. Becoming more physcially fit- through walking/jogging/eating healthier. 
I want my next pregnancy to be easier!!

5. Finish the LONG list of unfinished craft projects
{This is two fold. In an effort to save more money- I have decided to not do craft projects that cost money until my unfinished projects are done. Also I don't want to move with tons of unfinished projects. I want to finish them and take them or sell them.}

6. Write down all of my childhood memories- handwritten. My memory is quickly fading of my childhood and I want to preserve the memories as much as possible. Also- my handwriting has gotten illegible and I want to at least pretend that handwriting is important :)

If that list doesn't seem long enough- we also have several family goals: 
-meaningfully including PK in family home evening and scripture study
-re-memorizing the scripture masteries- we already have 5 down!
-going on family jogs
-more concerted effort with service to those around us

And a few PK specific goals
-fold arms/say amen
-more reverent in church
-ABC's, colors, counting
-understand boundaries/self control